Real Estate Sales Skills Program – materialdrive


This program is aimed at introducing students to the real estate industry. The program includes; Marketing skills, real estate sales, negotiation skills and sales plans.

What Will I Learn?

  • Real estate assets
  • sustainable development
  • Application Example: Preparation of a preliminary sale study in case of purchasing the site
  • The method of selling real estate
  • Persuasion in the process of selling real estate
  • Negotiate the sale and purchase of real estate
  • Real Estate Negotiation Tactics
  • Types of real estate products
  • Importance of real estate industry
  • What is real estate marketing
  • Real estate market structure and segmentation
  • Development of real estate market
  • What is a real estate selling?
  • Ways to end the sale
  • Characteristics of sales man
  • What a salesman needs to be professional
  • negotiation skills
  •   Sales Executive Plan and Sales preparation Plan
  •   Application Example: A preliminary marketing and sales plan
  • The main steps in the sales planning process
  • Sales Plan
  • Definition of real estate unit

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