Selection of competencies for senior and leadership positions Course – materialdrive


This intensive training program is designed to qualify managers and senior leaders in companies and organizations to acquire the skills of selecting and appointing employees to hold senior leadership positions in companies and organizations. This training program offers participants a number of the most important and latest technologies used in the world’s leading companies.

In its design, the program also relies on case studies, practice and practice, and uses a number of the latest psychometric tests specialized in measuring the technical and psychological abilities of candidates for leadership positions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Nature of leadership functions:
  • Management levels and functions
  • What is Leadership ?
  • Leadership and executive functions: definition, importance and areas
  • Special characteristics of leader
  • Defining requirements for leadership positions:
  • Identify and assess needs and measure workload
  • Determine the requirements for filling the leadership position
  • Determining the specifications of position
  • Matching:
  • Measure and evaluate the candidate's practical experience
  • Measuring candidate skills to fill the leadership position
  • Measuring the psychological and emotional attitudes of the candidate
  • Measuring and processing gap:
  • What is the gap and how it is measured
  • Gage measurement tools
  • The methods that are used to address the gap
  • Gap Processing Skills

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