Social Media Marketing Diploma – materialdrive


An integrated online course that trains you on how to use social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in marketing, conducting marketing research and analyzing competitors.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of marketing through social media sites.
  • The principles of effective e-marketing.
  • How to set up an effective strategy for e-marketing.
  • Identify and target customer segments.
  • Online customer behavior, and how to reach your target customers in the best way.
  • How to conduct marketing research, and ways to analyze competitors.
  • How to build and develop your business across social media sites.
  • How to create valuable content in all its different forms, marketing through it to bring in more customers, and ways to measure its effectiveness.
  • How to prepare statistical reports and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Facebook Marketing:
  • Infrastructure preparation.
  • Marketing strategies across pages and groups.
  • How to create a successful ad campaign.
  • How to launch your promotions and attract customers.
  • How to create marketing apps on your pages.
  • New ideas and strategies in marketing.
  • A case study for many companies in the use of the site marketing.
  • Twitter Marketing:
  • Infrastructure and Account Preparation.
  • How to build your brand and attract followers.
  • Sites that help you manage your account professionally.
  • New ideas and strategies in marketing.
  • YouTube Marketing:
  • How to prepare your channel professionally.
  • How to create and modify video.
  • How to Video Marketing.
  • Marketing via Google+:
  • Create and set up an account.
  • Take advantage of Google's various marketing tools.
  • Marketing using pages, forums and events.
  • Marketing via LinkedIn:
  • How to build a professional page.
  • Marketing using groups.
  • Marketing strategies and ideas.
  • Marketing strategies via Pinterest.
  • Marketing strategies via Instagram.
  • WhatsApp Marketing Strategies.
  • Workshops + scientific materials

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