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During this training program you will learn the concept of planning and planning types, identify the relationship between planning and management, the methods of preparing strategic plans and you will be expose in detail to the stages of strategic planning using Balanced Scorecard. Finally, The training will be concluded be training workshops.

A training course in strategic planning using a balanced performance card and strategic maps. The history tells us that the professors at Harvard University (Kaplan and Norton) devised the most important performance measurement models in the early 1990s, called Balanced Scorecard. The tool was developed in 2004 and has become a management system used in developed countries extensively in business, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world.

It is a performance measurement system designed to enable the organization to evaluate performance in an integrated manner by translating the organization’s vision and strategies into operational objectives and operational indicators, improving internal and external communications, and monitoring the organization’s performance against strategic objectives.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to the concept planning, importance and types
  • Concept, importance and levels of strategic management
  • Relationship between strategic and operational planning
  • Strategic planning constraints
  • The importance of strategic thinking
  • And the characteristics of the strategic plan
  • Methods and approaches of preparing strategic plans
  • The emergence and development of balanced scorecard model and strategic maps
  • Strategic planning stages using a balanced scorecard:
  • Phase I: Assessment of the current status of the organization
  • Phase 2: Identification of topics and strategic outcomes
  • Phase III: Defining strategic objectives
  • Stage 4: Strategic mapping
  • Phase 5: Determination of performance measures
  • Phase VI: Strategic Initiatives
  • Stage 7: Strategic Performance Analysis
  • Stage 8: Stand-by
  • Stage 9: Evaluation of strategic performance

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