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This online training course is designed to provide participants with the art and method of good dealing with patients and the mechanism of refining capabilities with knowledge in how to deal with patients and support their psychological state.

A good technique in dealing with patients is one of the most important rules and rules that should be enjoyed and dealt with by every individual who has a direct relationship with the patient, such as doctors, nurses and public service staff. The more the method is good and convincing, the more satisfied the patient is. The wonderful works to increase the patient’s satisfaction and this in turn increases the growth of the institution and raise the import and increase the number of patients in the hospital, the good deal with the patient works on his psychological comfort and so speed in the acceleration of recovery and this is the most important things in life because without style and art in dealing is not Any solution N problems and thus increase the psychological burden and the deterioration of the patient’s condition.

What Will I Learn?

  • Communication methods and types
  • steps and fundamentals of communication process
  • Patient communication passion and art
  • The role of modern scientific methods in the art of communication and dealing with patients.
  • Importance of good treatment with patients in increasing the number of cases in the hospital.

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