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In recent years, people have increased their interest in time during the last two decades. This is evident from the large number of writings on this subject. This is due to the increasing expectations of organizations and individuals for what their workers should achieve, the complexity of the rest of the work in all its dimensions and the increase and speed of change. On their time.

This requires the understanding of individuals to the nature of the pressures they are exposed to both in public life or in the work environment and to acquire different ways and means to deal effectively with the pressures of various kinds

What Will I Learn?

  • Time management concept
  • The importance of time management
  • Return of time management
  • The psychology of time management
  • Time management strategies
  • Identify the concept of work stress and its effects on individuals
  • Identify reasons of work stress
  • Determining the results of stress and its effects on individuals
  • Identify behavioral methods to relieve stress from work
  • Apply methods to help reduce work pressures
  • Develop positive habits to minimize the stress of work

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