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A training diploma designed to qualify you as an accountant in addition to practical training on the book entry and review of all forms of books and how to prepare and analyze financial statements

What Will I Learn?

  • A special lecture for non-accountants to qualify them with the basic concepts of the accounting world.
  • Identify the most important principles and accounting practices
  • Learn about the accounting course in all its details Double Enrollment - Accountant Account - Audit Balance - Financial Statements
  • Preparation of financial statements for companies Objectives of IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements. Structure and contents of the financial statements. Preparing the financial statements of the companies in accordance with international accounting standards
  • Designing the documentary course for business companies. Sales bills Cash receipts and checks - cash receipts and checks Add order and exchange to the stock .... etc)
  • Designing the book cycle using the American method.
  • Design of the book cycle using the French method. Help Deskbooks Assistant Professor Account Accountant General Account General Public Library
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements Horizontal analysis Vertical analysis Analysis using financial ratios
  • The most important types of taxes applied in Egypt and how to prepare tax reports. sales tax Discount tax from upstream Income tax
  • Preparing inventory adjustments for certain financial operations Settlement of accounts for nominal accounts - expenses and revenues Inventory adjustments for inventory calculation in the periodic and continuous inventory method Settlement of bank accounts Treasury settlement of treasury Settlement of fixed assets "Depreciation and sale of assets and revaluation of the useful life of the asset"


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