Training Material Catering service Course


Training Material Catering service Course

This training program covers the concept of service in restaurants, interior sections in restaurants, food and beverage manager’s duties, reviews of categories and types of restaurants, daily settings for restaurant, tools used in restaurants, party services and many important topics.

What Will I Learn?

  • Party service
  • Room Service
  • Methods of lifting tools (Debressage)
  • Types of Breakfast
  • Tools used in restaurants (silver / Chinese / glassware)
  • Tablecloths and towel applications
  • Types of Service
  • Menu Planning
  • Daily preparation of the restaurant
  • Meeting guests and taking orders
  • Functions and responsibilities of employees in the restaurant
  • Categories and types of restaurants
  • Organizational structure of employees in the restaurant
  • Director of Food & Beverage
  • Appearance and personal hygiene of restaurant workers
  • Overview of Food & Beverage Sections
  • Service Concept and characteristics
  • Beverage Service
  • Terms used in the food and beverages section
  • Ethics of Fitness and Behavior (Protocol)

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