Training Material Importing from China Course


Training Material Importing from China Course

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Training material description

Training Material Importing from China Course

This program is designed to cover all stages of the process of the import project from China, starting from the study of products offered by Chinese companies and then choose the product best suited to market conditions according to the market study accurate scientific study.

Then communicate with Chinese companies and request quotations, specifications and comparison.

Then the steps and procedures of shipping, transport and customs clearance.

It explains the procedures of remittances and bank letters and examines the costs of the product upon arrival.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Market study before import.
  • Identify internal market needs
  • Choose the right product
  • Choose target segment
  • Distribution channel
  • Pricing
  • Feasibility study of the import project from China
  • How to prepare a feasibility study for the import project from China
  • Cost accounting for items
  • Bank transactions required for import project from China
  • E-commerce and trade facilitation with China
  • Use the Internet to study the behavior of customers to see the quality of products that will be popular in the market
  • Study of products offered by Chinese companies
  • Use sites -
  • Request prices and specifications and compare them
  • Electronic marketing of products
  • Electronic marketing methods for products
  • Transportation, shipping, storage and customs clearance
  • Industrial and commercial centers and their locations in China
  • How to avoid fraud and fraud in contracts
  • Buying from Chinese factories has its advantages and disadvantages
  • Purchasing from intermediary offices its advantages and disadvantages
  • Selection of contracting methods:
  • Shipping Procedure:
  • Shipping and shipping lines:
  • Container types
  • Customs clearance:
  • Documents required from supplier and importer for shipment clearance
  • Importance of contracting with customs clearance office
  • Important points to avoid delay penalties

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