Training material In Advanced security inspector technical tasks


Training material In Advanced security inspector technical tasks

The diploma program is specialized in security sciences in 12 courses that meet the needs of work, development and rehabilitation in the security establishment.

It has been envisaged that the courses will be comprehensive for all aspects related to scientific, vocational and practical rehabilitation in order to raise the scientific and practical efficiency and increase the experience of workers in this field, Change and develop concepts and methods related to security work, and provide the participants with the latest knowledge, experience, experience and modern skills, which makes them able to deal with the process of security comprehensive, quality and sensitive with all merit and ability, and Lake They have always followed the example of themselves, and have done their duty with all sincerity and sincerity, and achieve what is expected of them to maintain security and stability.




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What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to Security Science:
  • Information technology in the service of security personnel:
  • Public relations and security information:
  • Crisis management and negotiation:
  • Security Information:

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