Training material in Anxiety and Stress


Training material in Anxiety and Stress

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Training material description

Training material in Anxiety and Stress

Master Anxiety and Stress – a practical approach to achieving joy & control Are you happy? Are you in control of your life? Do you spend your time doing things you love and find rewarding? Are you confident walking into a room, or telling others your opinion? Master Anxiety and Stress is a practical program designed to help you rocket towards your personal and career goals and achieve daily happiness. If you feel like life isn’t turning out how you’d dreamed, and stress and anxiety are overwhelming your home and work life, then this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Other courses focus on therapeutic or counselling methods, but this programme uses 100% practical tools and techniques to help you overcome stress and anxiety. It covers everything you need to do: from saying ‘No’, managing your time, removing toxic people, understanding your natural personality strengths and weaknesses, meditation, self talk, overcoming fear or guilt, and so so much more. It looks at lots of real life examples and gives practical tools you can use right away to feel calm and happy. The course overview includes: Practical tools and techniques for reducing anxiety, and increasing empowerment and happiness How to become calm and confident in work and at home Tools to stop letting others intimidate you or take over your life Find it easy to say no, delegate or be assertive Learn how to speak kindly to yourself with mantras, self talk, and meditation How to become known as someone organised, confident and happy Take back control over long work hours Overcome fear, and rid yourself of negative people And as always it’s 100% practical, and with no technical jargon. If you are ready to make practical changes and pursue a life of happiness this course is for you! By discovering practical tools to overcome Anxiety and Stress, not only will you benefit from feeling calm, organized and in control, you’ll have mastered the art of happiness. Say goodbye to stress, disorganization and unhappiness. This course WILL change your life…. if you let it!

Who this course is for:

Anyone feeling overwhelmed with anxiety at home or at work Someone feeling that they are not in control of their life – either time or decisions People coping with high levels of stress or pressure A person who is unhappy with their life and is ready to take an active change Someone interested in how self-talk and time management can help with anxiety or stress People who struggle to say no, work long hours, and procrastinate If you are ready to make practical changes and pursue a life of happiness this course is for you

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