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Training material In CFO

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Training material In CFO

Most operational decisions are based on basic knowledge of financial management. Speaking and understanding the language of money is an essential skill for leaders and managers throughout the institution. It is also a prerequisite for financial management professionals who need to make daily decisions as well as accounting professionals who want to progress in their careers. Without a clear understanding, management and analysis of financial data, there is no credibility in dealing with financial managers and businessmen alike. This course includes financial terms and concepts, providing you with the tools you need to communicate fluently with senior executives, business investors and decision-makers.


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What Will I Learn?

  • Apply their knowledge of corporate financial management
  • Employ their understanding of overall financial roles from a strategic and operational perspective
  • Develop a practical understanding of corporate finance, capital budget and cost of capital
  • Compare how stocks and fixed income securities are priced
  • Designing financial planning models with dynamic strategy
  • Understand mergers, acquisitions, acquisitions and corporate control


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