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Training Material In Communication and writing skills

The importance of professional writing skills is one of the basic skills that must be provided by employees in all public and private institutions.
In the light of the tremendous developments in modern management, this skill has become one of the criteria for measuring the efficiency of employees. It is a positive asset that is added to the reputation of the institution. Writing is a necessary skill for anyone looking to express himself or someone who wants to disseminate information in a simple professional manner Clear and understandable and attractive and influential.
This course aims to train participants on professional writing skills and management correspondence, and also focuses on enhancing reporting skills clearly and accurately.

What Will I Learn?

  • Apply the basic skills of professional writing in pursuit of better results
  • Practice effective methods of writing emails, letters and memos
  • Enhance the professional image by writing in a clear, specific and positive manner
  • Provide conclusions and follow structured structure in professional writing and reporting
  • Use practical and modern methods to write an influential professional
  • Practical applications for professional writing
  • Group discussions
  • Individual and group exercises


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