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Training Material In GENDER EQUALITY

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Training Material In GENDER EQUALITY

The concepts of gender in our Arab world are still weak because of the social relationships and roles that society sets for both men and women. These roles, relationships and values ​​overlap with other social relationships such as religion, social class, race, etc. Some also link gender issues with many doubts and illusions and consider them an attempt to destroy morality, undermine religions and destabilize nations. However, the process of sustainable development requires the participation of women in all economic, social, political and cultural fields.

This requires the integration and institutionalization of gender issues in all state plans and programs.

The achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls is one of the goals of sustainable global development ) Adopted by the United Nations beyond 2019, which intersects and meets the development goals of most countries, including Jordan.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Introducing the most important concepts and issues of gender.
  • Identify gender interests and needs.
  • Changing misconceptions about gender and introducing the true concept of gender in all fields.
  • Define the most important frameworks for the analysis and integration of gender issues in development.
  • Increase awareness of gender roles in society (Recognized and Unrecognized roles).


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