Training material In How to Prepare Marketing Research


Training material In How to Prepare Marketing Research

Although the password for any success usually begins with study, marketing research represents the 11th interest in business managers’ ideas. Undoubtedly, it is normal to reduce the possibilities of marketing excellence, and your client says how to satisfy me and you do not know me right?


Marketing research has been instrumental in shaping the way forward for enterprises to determine their future course. Marketing men liken research to the compass that directs the strategic movement of an enterprise’s activity. Despite the importance of this great job, it does not find the Arab businessmen enough support, and mastering the process of marketing research is the only weapon of excellence where it is possible to find marketing opportunities and study how to benefit from them. It is possible to identify the dimensions of marketing risks and find ways to get rid or avoid them, Such as a scalpel perfectly if not mastered using the results were completely reversed.

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What Will I Learn?

  • The Nature and Importance of Marketing Research
  • Modern concept of marketing research.
  • Administrative value of marketing research.
  • Relationship between strategic planning and marketing research.
  • Need for marketing research.

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