training material in How To Start A Podcast


training material in How To Start A Podcast

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Training material description

training material in How To Start A Podcast

Thinking Of Starting A Podcast? Learn How To Start A Podcast With This Detailed Course! Everyone is wondering how to start a podcast, but there is no accurate answer out there!

If this is you, not to worry, this course aims to answer all your questions relating to starting a podcast.

Podcasting is EXPLODING! More and more people are listening to podcasts each and every day.

Having your own podcast can do so much for you, whether you’re trying to build your personal brand, promote your existing business, or just want to get your thoughts out there.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create your very own podcast and record your first episode.

In this course, ‘Podcast: How to make your own podcast’,

we will cover: The many potential benefits of making your own podcast Creating a plan for your own show The basic equipment you need to start recording Coming up with ideas and plans for episodes Recording your very first episode Launching your very own podcast After covering the basics

we’ll look into some ways in which you can take you podcast to the next level.

These include getting guests for interviews, building your audience, and monetising your show. By the end of this course, you will have recorded the first episode of your very own podcast and be ready to launch your show!

Who this course is for:

Someone who wants to be heard Someone with ideas Someone who wants to leverage a fast-growing marketing platform to fuel their business Someone who wants to learn the basics of starting a podcast

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What Will I Learn?

  • introduction
  • what is a podcast
  • why?
  • getting started
  • watch it happen
  • stepping it up a gear
  • conclusion & action

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