Training material In Integrated skills in legal affairs


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Training material In Integrated skills in legal affairs

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Training material description

It may be difficult to limit the duties and duties of the departments
of legal affairs in all institutions.

They may differ from one
institution to another, but they revolve around a number of basic
principles, such as legislative proposals such as proposing and
implementing policies, plans, regulations and directives of the
administration and its decisions,

Complaints and complaints from
employees and others, follow-up of judicial proceedings and actions
brought against the employer,

and legal tasks Conducting specialized
legal studies and research required by the requirements of the work as
well as receiving inquiries,

requests and advice
Data from Altzimih units, as well as the administrative tasks of
coordination with the legal units in the departments and agencies and
other institutions,

to participate in committees and meetings of
internal and external legal seminars, propose appropriate training
courses for the staff of the Department of Legal Affairs and performance
evaluation and the development of the development work and procedures
solutions within the administration.


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What Will I Learn?

  • The fundamental differences between the different functions of the legal departments and the distribution of work within the administration
  • Direct legislative tasks such as drafting procedures, decisions and administrative regulations
  • Interpretation and legal analysis
  • Provide legal advice and opinion
  • Evaluation and review of the final drafting of contracts and legal documents
  • Follow-up of judicial tasks and proceedings
  • Conduct disciplinary investigation and related procedures
  • Familiarity with the necessary administrative skills for the employees of the legal affairs clerks


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