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Training Material In LIFE SKILLS

Life skills, or personal skills, are the ability of staff to agree and communicate well with others. These skills enabletheir owners to achieve maximum results in their work and lives, both professionally and personally. This course aims at providing students with the most important social and life skills that employers value from the basics of communication and teamwork to advanced critical thinking. These skills provide an opportunity for the individual to effectively manage his time, increase his productivity and become an integral part of the team.

What Will I Learn?

  • Improve the participants' personal skills when dealing with others.
  • Develop effective communication skills for participants to achieve positive results.
  • Learn how to deal with different characters as well as learning methods of communication and successful negotiation.
  • Learn the skills needed to develop and implement a time management plan for participants.
  • Develop and strengthen a number of skills necessary to make them confident and qualified to perform their tasks and tasks to the fullest.


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