Training material in Make-up for Beginners : learn to do make-up like a Pro


Training material in Make-up for Beginners : learn to do make-up like a Pro

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Training material description

Training material in Make-up for Beginners : learn to do make-up like a Pro

Take your make-up skills to a completely new level. In-depth training for all make-up lovers This Professional Make-up Course will help you master many important make-up techniques to start practicing either on yourself or on other people to enhance anyone’s beautiful features, disguise minor faults in one’s appearance, or express yourself creatively.

this course designed so that you can master all the techniques gradually, starting from basic and relatively simple techniques before moving on to the more demanding techniques that professional make-up artists use to create contemporary looks in their everyday work.

Training material in Make-up for Beginners

From this course you will learn how to: > Choose your tools, take good care of them, and use them for best results; > Use color theory principles when choosing colors in make-up when working with different people; > Make skin look flawless using different textures of foundations; > Enhance highlights and shadows to create the illusion of depth on the face and create a sculpted look; > Shape eyebrows and enhance their beautiful shape; > Correct eye shapes and master many eye make-up techniques that will draw attention to the most beautiful features of the face; > Work with different textures of lip products to make them either stand out or remain subtle and hidden to make eyes look even more expressive.

Who this course is for:

  1. If you like to experiment with make-up and create stylish and clean looks either on yourself or on others, this course is for you
  2. The course is meant for those starting to develop new skills and perfect their make-up application technique or dreaming of an exciting career as a make-up artist
  3. This course will also suit those who already have basic knowledge of make-up, but want to take there skills to a new level This course
  4. e is probably not for you, if you already have extensive experience as a make-up artist and if you are looking for more advanced and creative techniques


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What Will I Learn?

  • introduction
  • professional tools
  • work ethics
  • color theory
  • skin
  • cheeks & contouring
  • eyebrows
  • eyes
  • lips
  • final part : practical

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