Training Material In Professional Salesman Skills


Training Material In Professional Salesman Skills

 An advanced and intensive course consists of eight chapters dealing with the most important sciences and arts and the steps and skills of modern smart selling and ways to deal with objections and rejection of customers in a smart way and revealed many of the secrets of modern sales and sales laws and smart types and steps to increase sales in modern methods and less effort and know the trainee / Sales and sales in a smart manner also addresses the methods of applying some of the modern selling skills in addition to many real examples with the definition of the seven smart selling skills, which changed a lot in the world of sales and sales as well as selling psychology Modern sales.


What Will I Learn?

  • Chapter One: Seven Skills and Equation of Thinking
  • 1-Etiquette sales, modern sales and self-presentation methods and AIDA equivalent to attract the client and the self-development equation of the BSA smart seller to improve performance and the difference between behavior and style?
  • 2 - Equation of correct thinking of the marketing, sales and sales officer
  • 3 - the three sales inhibitors and the reasons for the failure and success of sales and sales officials and how to eliminate the ghosts of selling?
  • 4 - Seven skills of sales and sales professionals to increase sales and develop performance (skill of negative and positive words in sales skill of the art of asking questions and types of questions and the skill of listening and the art of negotiation and communication and the skill of neural programming NLP strategy language body language voice tones speech method and selection of appropriate words and the use of the three senses in the sales process )?

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