Training material in Screenwriting Workshop


Training material in Screenwriting Workshop

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Training material description

Training material in Screenwriting Workshop

Turn your idea into a screenplay worthy of being Hollywood’s next hit! you have a great idea for a movie and want to turn it into a screenplay? Have you already started a screenplay and gotten stuck?

Have you finished a screenplay but feel it needs polish? Screenwriting Workshop shows you how to accomplish all of these things and helps you market your work and get it onto the big screen.

In these fun and lively lessons, Dani Alcorn guides you on the path to success. You’ll learn how to create and polish a screenplay step by step. Topics include:

Story Structure Creating Compelling Characters Using Archetypes to Flesh Out Character.

The Hero’s Journey Creating Treatments that Sell Developing the Perfect Beginning and Ending Making Your Theme Resonate Crafting Dialogue that Rings True Creating Action that Packs a Punch Controlling Pacing Screenplay Formatting Pitching a Great Idea Designing the Perfect Logline Online Resources for Screenwriters Marketing Your Screenplay Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced screenwriter, Screenwriting Workshop helps you turn your dream into a reality.

Who this course is for:

First Time Screenwriters of Any Age Screenwriters with Unfinished or Unpolished Screenplays

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What Will I Learn?

  • exploring modern screenwriting
  • planning your screenplay
  • structuring your screenplay
  • writing your screenplay
  • film analysis
  • getting your screenplay notices

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