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Training material In TEACHING METHODS

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Training material description

Training material In TEACHING METHODS

The teaching methods course aims to enable the participants to learn the modern teaching methods and how to deal with them and invest them in activating learning within the classroom and achieving effective learning of the students to ensure meaningful learning,

how to implement the lessons and choose the appropriate method for each of the chosen learning strategies and their relationship with each other Individual differences in learners and the development of their thinking on the compatibility and modern trends in the professional preparation of teachers, the competencies of teamwork,

direct teaching and collaborative learning, surveying, project learning, active learning, project learning Learn to think.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Enabling participants to formulate educational goals correctly and planning to achieve lesson objectives effectively.
  • Enable and differentiate between modern teaching methods.
  • Enable the teacher to apply different teaching methods in different contexts and subjects efficiently.
  • Enable the teacher to plan lessons based on different teaching methods to achieve educational goals.
  • Assisting participants in identifying the necessary activities in each part of the classroom.


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