training material in the 8 factors : gain clarity and grow your business


training material in the 8 factors : gain clarity and grow your business

training material in the 8 factors : gain clarity and grow your business

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Training material description

training material in the 8 factors : gain clarity and grow your business

Learn a proven system used to start, manage and grow business, fast. Get MBA knowledge without the expensive price tag This is not your typical business management course.

The 8 Factors is a focused, easy-to-follow business management framework containing real-world solutions to small business problems.

The 8 Factors course distills the best content from business books, MBA theory, and the personal experience of over 400 successful Entrepreneurs into a practical and powerfully simple approach.

The course is most suited for the self employed solo-

preneur or established small business owner looking for an uncensored approach to improving their business, while they run it.

Because we’re fully aware that two of the biggest challenges small business owners face when growing a business is “clarity & cash,” we’ve kept each video simple, direct, truthful, and concentrated on what actually works.

Whether you’re starting a business or trying to grow several, there’s a factor impacting your ability to succeed right now.

These focused video lessons, step-by-step downloadable worksheets, assessments and tools, will support you in increasing business and creating a growth plan specific to your small business.

Your business, and your ability to lead it, will improve immediately! In this course you will discover exactly how to: Learn how to start, better manage, and grow your business Go from “Cash Poor” to “Cash Rich” Get “Strategy” right the first time Attract a great team, lead and develop your people.

Develop a company culture that drives personal & professional impact Improve efficiency and Get Rid of Waste Optimize Your Business & Team Structure Elevate Your Leadership C’mon and give yourself a “kick in the business” that you can take all the way to the bank.

Who this course is for:

Whether you are starting a business or trying to grow a business, The 8 Factors Business Framework is the most powerful business management tool available for today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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