Training material in YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY : How To Become A Full Time YouTuber


Training material in YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY : How To Become A Full Time YouTuber

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Training material description

Training material in YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY : How To Become A Full Time YouTuber


This course will take you from beginner to advance on how to become a fulltime YouTuber

Section #1 – WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU AS A YOUTUBER? You will see real examples of YouTubers showing you exactly how much money they make from their YouTube videos and other income streams

Section #2 – YOUTUBE IS JUST GETTING STARTED! I will also explain how I survived and thrived in every YouTube Ad Apocalypse, and why it’s important for new creators to GET ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW! This is because there are hundreds of billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in from old traditional Television.

Half of all big companies still spend money on traditional television ads. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t watch television, I watch YouTube.

If by any chance I ever do watch TV, I just skip through the commercials, or I look down at my phone as the commercials play. Companies are already preparing to go 100% digital with their ads.

When companies start shifting their advertising budgets to online video, the amount of money YouTube Creators earn will skyrocket! Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #3 – HOW YOUTUBE CREATORS GET RICH ON YOUTUBE Do you want to know how the YouTube Money Making Machine works?

Training material in YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY

You must know The 8 Ultimate Income Streams For YouTubers! I take a deep dive into every way you can monetize yourself as a YouTube Creator. I walk you through how to create your very own products, and how to build multiple streams of income for yourself. Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #4 – YOUTUBE ALGORITHM SECRETS (Understanding The YouTube Algorithm) The YouTube Algorithm is very hard to crack for new youtubers but I’ve been around the block for over a decade so I know the best techniques that work! You will learn exactly how to make the Algorithm work in your favor to blow you up on the platform!

Over the years, I have developed the 5 Triggers Algorithm Formula that works for creators no matter who you are or what types of videos you make.

I still get over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views every year on my channel because I understand the secret workings of YouTube Algorithm! Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #5 – YOUTUBE SEO HACKS (Video Search Engine Optimization In this section, I talk about the SEO tricks I have picked up over the years that I’ve never shared with anyone.

Did you know that you can actually STEAL your competitor’s private SEO data, and add it onto your own YouTube videos?

I explain in this course, how you can ride the wave of someone else’s successful viral video. I also break down, how making certain types of videos, can get you “shadowbanned” on the YouTube platform.

Shadow Ban is when the YouTube Algorithm deranks your videos regardless of performance. I will show you how to avoid these simple mistakes, and stay on YouTube’s good side. Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #6 – SPONSORSHIP DOMINATION (How Sponsorships Can Make You Rich on YouTube!) In this section, I will show you how to find companies that are willing to pay you thousands of dollars per sponsored video! I also show you how I was able to earn $38,000 thousand dollars in 35 days from sponsorships alone! The power of understanding how to do sponsorships can be life-changing.

My husband and I were able to reach out to a company, and negotiate a deal for both of us to get our teeth done, which was valued at over 60 thousand dollars! Not only were we able to get our teeth done like celebrities, but while doing it.

we stayed for two whole weeks, at a 5-star hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. How cool is that?! Companies are willing to pay you on vacation, and get your teeth done! The crazy thing about it all is is that the company was happy to do it. All we had to do was create one video review of our experience.

The reason the company was so happy to do it is because we brought them more paying customers, and in return, they gave us a beautiful smile. Companies don’t do sponsorships for no reason; they do it because they know they can make more money from working with you, than what they spent on you.

In this section, I will dive deep into sales psychology, and teach you powerful negotiation techniques that you can use to make sure companies are paying you your highest value. As a bonus to this section, I also made sure to include my copy and paste sponsorship proposal templates, so you will know exactly what to say when reaching out to companies!

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What Will I Learn?

  • what is Possible for you as youtuber
  • youtube is just getting started
  • how youtube creators get rich on youtube
  • youtube secrets
  • sponsorship domination how can make you rich on youtube
  • creating a powerful personal brand

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