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The ability to motivate employees and set clear goals for them to achieve results through them is at the heart of the management and leadership process. Motivation is the ability to convince employees and to build effective teams to achieve objectives. In light of the requirements of modern management and the growing need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees to fill the performance gap On quality, this skill is today a basic requirement and skills for the crisis for each commander and manager.

What Will I Learn?

  • Prioritize work.
  • Defining competencies and delegation of authority.
  • Behavioral aspects in achieving results.
  • Qualitative aspects in determining results.
  • Types of objectives and results.
  • Definition of objectives and results.
  • Administrative communication and its role in achieving results.
  • Organization and supervision of work .
  • Participate in the preparation of work plans.
  • Evaluating collective and individual performance and impact on labor relations.

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