Training material on analysis of characters in anagram – material drive


This course will introduce you to the Theory of Ingram that divides characters into different patterns. Discover the nine styles and identify your personality. They know the different motivations, desires and fears of each pattern. This session will put in your hands the key to each personality to enable you to effectively manage your relationship with others. This course will enhance your communication skills and develop your abilities to understand yourself and people in your life!

What Will I Learn?

  • Self-awareness
  • Influencers on Human Behavior
  • The Enneagram
  • The Enneagram - Type 1
  • The Enneagram - Type 2
  • The Enneagram - Type 3
  • The Enneagram - Type 4
  • The Enneagram Explained
  • The Enneagram Test
  • Type 1 - The Perfectionist

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