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Conscious and good management is the only guarantee for its success, and in our present time many small conscious departments have overcome the big in their management and keen on continuous improvement and improvement.
As long as we use modern technology, we have to complete the steps of our work by measuring modern performance. Measuring performance in modern departments is an integral part of administrative and technical success by measuring performance indicators and identifying the success of achieving the goals set. We therefore propose that performance indicators be applied to ensure the success we seek.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of continuous improvement management.
  • What is planning? What is the strategy? What is strategic planning
  • What is the message and what is the vision, the difference between them, and how are they formulated?
  • Target concept, levels, and how to identify long, medium and short term objectives?
  • What skills, techniques and tools are needed to prepare an action plan
  • KPI's definition of performance indicators generally.
  • Performance measurement or performance assessment.


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