Training material on crisis Management


Training material on crisis Management

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Training material description

Training material on crisis Management

In light of the ongoing changes in the administrative work environment and the efforts of the administrative organizations to achieve their objectives, many crises occur and their severity varies according to their causes and contexts. Modern organizations do not wait until the crisis occurs to begin to plan for overcoming them. Rather, it is concerned with future planning to predict the crisis before it occurs. Which may lead to them before they occur, and that is therefore constantly training the staff on crisis management skills and deal with them to achieve maximum effectiveness


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What Will I Learn?

  • Five stages required (exploration by means of preparation, prevention, containment, minimization, destruction, recuperation, learning and improvement)
  • Characteristics and features of crises.
  • An applied workshop to differentiate between the concept of the problem and the concept of the crisis in terms of concept, focus, example, features, tools and mechanisms of dealing with them
  • The concept of crises
  • Concept of the problem
  • Types of crises and related concepts.
  • Stages of crises and how to deal with each stage
  • Crisis theory and its origin and how to deal with each theory

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