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Administrative supervision is the ceiling of the administrative process, which consists of planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating. The administrative supervisor understands the strategic objectives of the organization and the aspiration it seeks and determines the actual reality of them. It defines the performance gap between reality and expectations and seeks training, rehabilitation and motivation of the employees who supervise them and prepare the environment for them to achieve the strategic objectives. According to the plan of a school carefully and assess periodically the extent of achievement of the achievement and seeks to improve the continuous management organization and therefore has a variety of knowledge and high capabilities and specialized skills accurate contribute to the success of his mission.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of public administration
  • The nature of public administration and its assets
  • Management definition
  • The nature of public administration
  • The intellectual framework for the development of public administration:
  • Management or administrative functions
  • The administrative process
  • Administrative Responsibility and Public Administration Ethics:
  • Classical and modern trends in public administration

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