Training material on history of Ancient Near East Civilizations – material drive


The course contains 47 rich lectures with organized and organized information on the history, origin and evolution of the civilizations of the world and the ancient Near East, and systematically reviews: concepts and definitions of history and civilization, anthropology and genetic fingerprinting, ancient human life, societies and customs. The history of the ancient Near East (Egyptian civilization – Akkadian civilization – Babylonian civilization – Assyrian civilization – Civilizations Endodontic different).

What Will I Learn?

  • Concepts and Definitions of History and Civilization
  • Science of History and Civilization (Anthropology - Genetic Genetics - Genetic Fingerprint)
  • The life of the first human beings
  • The Emergence of Civilizations
  • The Methods of History and The Division of Historical Ages
  • The Definition of the Ancient Near East and Its Peoples and Geographical Limits
  • Introduction to the History of Ancient Egypt
  • The Pre-Family Era In Ancient Egypt

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