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Training material on management of work pressures

The work pressures vary in organizations today and are formed according to the task assigned to the employee. It takes psychological dimensions and dimensions of the same physical and administrative and social dimensions that affect the employee’s performance and thus the organization and its ability to perform its mission and vision and achieve its strategic, procedural and procedural goals. Providing an attractive working environment and reducing these pressures is a collective responsibility of all elements of the organization.

What Will I Learn?

  • Analysis of the causes of labor problems and pressures in the field of work and the classification of conflicts and pressures within this environment.
  • The concept of mind management science, the history of its inception, and how to benefit from it in the management of working pressures in the organization.
  • Different administrative and psychological approaches based on the science of mind management and its impact in dealing with problems and difficult situations and face the pressures of work.
  • Employee functions and relationships with physiological and psychological health and its relation to the innovative thinking of the Arab employee.
  • Internal and external sources of labor pressure, reasons, types, developments and how to deal with them.
  • The concept of difficult situations and how to deal with them and the leadership specifications required to confront them.
  • Make decisions in difficult situations and effective mandate and its impact in the face of work pressures and time management as an effective tool to cope with pressures.
  • Anxiety and its influence on morale and effective guidance to control the human psyche in order to reduce stress and anxiety.

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