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The Success Skills Foundation for Human Development is pleased to provide you with the description card for this training package, through which we aim to provide a training service that is compatible with the training needs of the beneficiaries and categories of this training program according to our quality standards and training strategies of international standards.
We hope that you will get the full specifications and study the extent to which they meet your training needs and coordination with us if you wish to present this program or participate in it.

What Will I Learn?

  • The modern concept of marketing and its strategies (impact on sales, market fundamentals, marketing research, strategy of leader or affiliate).
  • The nature, concept and objectives of marketing research and its fields (steps of scientific research in the field of marketing research, consumer research, product research, quantitative analysis in marketing research, consumer psychology, product planning). 3. Marketing mix for the company and marketing strategies (product price distribution).
  • Marketing mix for the company and marketing strategies (product price distribution).
  • Strategies for developing sales policies and marketing strategies (market segmentation strategy, marketing strategy strategy, product planning strategy, pricing strategy, advertising strategy and promotion, competitive strategic distribution strategy).
  • Monitoring and evaluation of marketing performance (marketing information system, salesmen reports, methods of data collection, feedback).
  • Local and international competition and modern planning strategies to address them.

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