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We in the skills of success for human development, we recognize the importance of meetings in the life of organizations and the importance of the leadership of the administrative skills to deal with them, and therefore the specialists of the institution of training experts and management consultants designed this training package that meets the needs of workers in the field of activating and leading meetings according to scientific methodology and global standards and include them Of practical exercises and applications inspired by the core work of the beneficiaries of the training program.

What Will I Learn?

  • The duties of the chairman or the observer of the meeting and the skills required to achieve the effectiveness of the meeting.
  • Reciprocal and complementary relationships and expectations of the reactions of the participants.
  • Talking, listening, and observation skills in effective management meetings.
  • The network of human behavior, and which patterns are more effective in managing the meeting.
  • Types of meetings and their components, and the entrance of the organization in achieving the effectiveness of the meeting.
  • The basis for the preparation of the meetings (invitation, agenda, the secretariat's duties during and after the meeting).
  • Obstacles of social effectiveness and methods of overcoming them.

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