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For personnel and personnel managers and heads of business organizations as well as government agencies and banks, we are pleased to offer this unique training program.
Which aims to develop the skills of the participants in solving the problems of workers and to identify the modern practical and practical methods in the management of personnel and salaries and achievements and promotions and transport and motivation and discuss trends and modern systems in this area.

What Will I Learn?

  • Personnel management functions as a basic function in all organizations since its inception as well as human resources planning.
  • Organization and organizational structures and the role of personnel affairs in contributing to the preparation and development of existing organizational structures as well as the proposed regulations.
  • Manpower planning of selection, selection, polarization, development, training and reinforcement methods for creating loyalty and setting the recruitment system.
  • Analyzing, designing, characterizing and arranging jobs and determining the specifications of their occupants and their relation to career planning.
  • Wage survey, structure and policy of wages, promotions, salaries, incentive policies and systems.
  • Analysis of the performance and guidance problems in the field of work and morale and its measurement and training and its relationship to the development of human resources

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