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The success of Japanese production by invading US markets and competing in international markets called on the Americans to apply quality management in their factories but failed because the values ​​of competition and individualism and barriers between workers and the leadership and management of the factory are prevalent in American society which contradict the values ​​of quality based on cooperation, tolerance, team spirit and cohesion of workers With their leaders, forcing them to try to change the values ​​of the workers in the factory to fit the application of quality.
The trend in America began to apply quality management in the school and instill the new values ​​compatible with it (TQM). Experiments began to take place in the various stages of primary education to university education

What Will I Learn?

  • Technical terms used in total quality (elements standards).
  • Quality improvement elements (compliance with non-defective requirements Prevention Cost of Conformity Cost of Non-Conformity Quality Cost).
  • Quality improvement process (commitment, loyalty and capacity, team presence to achieve quality, awareness, learning, measurement, exclusion of causes of errors and quality board, and continuous improvement).
  • Systems and means used in total quality (information system, factors affecting system performance, system success criteria, how to achieve technical control, overcome loss of control, quality control).
  • Practical examples of the total quality system applications in the field of education and education.
  • The concept of organizational engineering (engineering)
  • Innovative demolition and organizational reconstruction
  • Re-engineering and change course

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