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Attracting talent today is becoming closer to marketing. The talent-attracting team needs to have a strategy for everything. From building attractive brands to mentoring and successfully integrating new employees.

This course is designed to take advantage of talent and talent talent
to reach talent in a transparent manner, skillfully evaluate competency,
and integrate seamlessly into a company’s culture.

The course will also enable participants to devise strategies for
attracting talent from institutional strategies and design tools to
monitor and evaluate progress and impact.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the impact of current trends on talent acquisition strategy and practices
  • Develop a corporate branding strategy as a business destination to enhance institutional capacity to attract talent
  • Designing an efficient and effective procedure
  • Improve and customize talent assessment methodology according to job requirements
  • Accelerate the integration of new employees through a comprehensive and integrated methodology
  • Building a talent acquisition strategy and measuring its impact according to corporate strategic guidelines


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