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This course offered by the comprehensive study of many theories and applications of important elements in accounting and corporate finance. This is something that must be known by any company manager for being the basis of decision making at several levels. The course aims at providing participants with a theoretical and practical insight into the issues faced by companies in the investment process, risk assessment, and the formation and financing needs. This includes an assessment of how these decisions are made in the real world by reference to the guidelines.

What Will I Learn?

  • Summarize key principles, trends, accounting tools and corporate finance.
  • Provide effective ways to analyze the structure of corporate finance.
  • Evaluation of practical applications of models and theories of decisions in corporate finance.
  • Assess the economic benefits of different types of financing.
  • Use internal and external financial information to assess business performance.
  • Training within the organization.
  • Individual training.
  • Training with the Community.


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