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Accounting and financial policies and procedures are the most effective way to implement effective internal controls at the corporate level in any organization. They are part of every business cycle: procurement, payment cycle, inventory, production, human resources, salaries, fixed assets, capitalization of costs, sales and collection. In addition, the cycle of accounting and financial policies and procedures is necessary for the Board of Directors and senior management of communication and the limitations and powers granted to various managers and staff throughout the organization. In addition, the use of such policies extends to the organization of financial reports and compliance with the laws of regulators outside the Organization.

What Will I Learn?

  • Designing and producing a model in accounting and guidance guide in finance
  • Planning required resources required for FAO departments
  • Generate maximum efficiency and effectiveness through the establishment of appropriate powers and duties
  • Apply the separation of duties and internal controls
  • Develop policies and procedures to streamline accounting processes
  • Reference mode Explain basic accounting assumptions and apply them
  • Formulate standard and reliable accounting processes by answering questions: Who does this,
  • How should this be done?


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