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The financial statements serve as performance reports for a financial
period that provides the necessary information to clarify the success or
failure of the company’s management in achieving the objectives. It
also highlights the difficulties and problems facing the company, but
for the purpose of making rational decisions, we need sophisticated
methods to seek information. The best possible measure of financial and
accounting performance is sound. These methods of balanced performance
card ( BSC ) as well as the method of comparison Best Benchmarking
consists of a set of financial metrics that refer to the work that has
already been done and a set of operational metrics that are indicators
of future financial performance, which will measure the strategic
financial performance of the institutions.
The use of Benchmarking
helps the management of the organization to learn practices within the
organization and learn from the best practices of competitors and thus
make changes for improvement and work to be the best by defining the
objectives that should be pursued.
This program seeks to apply the latest methods to measure and evaluate financial and accounting performance.

What Will I Learn?

  • Financial analysis and its relation to measurement and evaluation of financial performance.
  • The importance and areas of financial analysis.
  • Methods of financial analysis.
  • Application of tools and methods of financial analysis.
  • Horizontal analysis and general trend analysis.
  • Methods of detecting financial difficulties and predicting bankruptcy.
  • Evaluation of the entity's ability to continue.


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