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course aims to enable the student to learn about effective learning “and
how we activate the process of learning and transfer the student from the
negative stage of the information to the stage of researcher and explorer of
the information and thus turn the role of the teacher from a single source of
information to the facilitator and facilitator of the process of obtaining the
student information,” in addition to how to activate Teaching and learning
processes by the teacher and student by enabling him to identify and implement the
various activities of the teacher. “Here, the teacher is empowered by the
activities and methods of activating the role of the students and enabling them
to manage these activities to achieve the learning objectives.” Gh
educational goals and all three types of each type, including levels “to
start the share class properly and choose activities that achieve these goals
and accordingly define the roles that will be conducted by both the teacher and
the student in these activities

What Will I Learn?

  • Enable the student to activate the role of students.
  • Enabling the learner from the activities and methods of activating the learning process.
  • To enable the student to formulate the educational objectives correctly.
  • Enabling the student to plan the class quota based on the five-year learning cycle.
  • Enable the student to design and manage educational games to serve the educational goals.


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