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This course aims to raise the level of competence and develop competencies that will help you progress in your career.
Show your importance as a member of the team, and give you insight into
your role as an active member and what can be done to enhance teamwork.

This course also addresses the rapid changes around us that call for a
change of attitude and the need to develop the capabilities necessary to
achieve success in the world of modern management.

This course will help you develop verbal and written communication
skills that will enable you to effectively contribute to the
organization’s goals.
You will be able to design business plans that allow you to transfer knowledge gained from this course to your workplace.
It will also provide you with an opportunity for personal development
and challenges, as well as learning time management, results planning,
professional phone handling and memory improvement.

What Will I Learn?

  • Take a proactive role in dealing with work responsibilities within the team environment
  • Understand the skills required for the advanced management
  • Develop personal skills and communication skills to carry out administrative tasks with confidence and efficiency
  • Apply professional and professional email writing techniques
  • Dealing with telephone calls in a decent and professional manner
  • Developing methods of self-management and learning ways to deal with the causes of loss of time
  • Improve memory enhancement techniques with multiple methods and exercises


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