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What distinguishes exceptional administrators from other staff?
This course provides you with practical and in-depth practical
techniques that will enable you to excel in your workplace. You will
learn best practices from different disciplines, such as how to write
professionally and become a successful interlocutor. The course also
focuses on the importance of providing exceptional service to both
internal and external clients. You have the opportunity to discuss the
impact of stressors in the workplace and how to turn them into a
feature. You will also learn how to master the effective use of time
that will boost productivity and reduce working pressure, and how you
can organize and manage effective meetings and improve your ability to
use your phone.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify and understand the role of the administrative and office manager
  • Implement verbal and written communication strategies necessary to effectively implement responsibilities
  • Develop service behavior designed to satisfy internal and external customers
  • Describe the main reasons for stress and the techniques needed to control it
  • Apply time management techniques to improve productivity in the office
  • Organize meetings effectively
  • Dealing with phone calls in a professional manner
  • Dealing with telephony professionally


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