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This course is the second level in the budget cycles after the cycle of “effective budgeting and cost control” and goes beyond budget theory as a concept to cover specific steps to make the budget process value-added in the enterprise. By building user-friendly models and applying scenario analysis, which makes administration take less time to collect information and more time in its analysis of decision-making. Microsoft Excel tools are used throughout the course as a practical application of skills to use some of the tools needed in their organizations. These tools include analysis of what if, solver and other tools. It also highlights some key forecasting models and a detailed assessment of capital budgeting techniques that are applied in Microsoft Excel.

What Will I Learn?

  • Create budget models for their departments and institutions
  • Apply many prediction techniques to better manage budget uncertainties
  • Evaluate capital budget decisions using several methods and choose the most appropriate procedure
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Excel tools and functions in the balancing process
  • Assess the budgeting process in institutions and recommend improvements


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