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This practical course focuses on communication skills and negotiation arts. By studying verbal and nonverbal communication, participants will be able to communicate effectively.
You will learn why sometimes you misunderstand what you are saying and
how to ensure that your communication with others is understood
correctly in the future.

You will also learn how to deal effectively with others by listening
actively and fully aware of body language. This course will help you
understand the meaning of negotiation and how often you negotiate

You will master how to plan negotiations and best practices to deal
with the toughest and most able negotiators, develop strategies to be
more effective in negotiations and learn when to withdraw from
negotiations that will not produce the desired results.

This intensive training course offers practical and other role-playing
exercises that develop participants’ ability to negotiate regardless of
their level of negotiation skills.
Advanced communication and negotiation skills.

What Will I Learn?

  • Internal communication process.
  • Listening skills and asking questions.
  • How to Communicate Nonverbally.
  • Negotiation and planning process.
  • Dealing with the most difficult negotiators.
  • Practical workshops.
  • How to use the negotiation schema.


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