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The program
aims at providing the trainees with the most important legal points and skills
necessary for them to conclude contracts, agreements, implementation, study and
analysis, in addition to shedding light on aspects that have not been dealt
with in contracts and solutions. In addition, the course aims to provide the
trainees with how to develop the special terms and conditions needed for some
projects in the agreements and contracts, as well as make them a guide to the
different circumstances

What Will I Learn?

  • The definition of the trainees in the contract in general: what contracts, parties to the contract, and the elements of the substantive contract.
  • Identify types of contracts and identify models for some types of formal, formal and customary contracts.
  • Agreement on contract terms, wording of the terms of the contract, documenting the terms of the contract, and conclusion of the contract.
  • Analysis of contract clauses and interpretation of contract rules and clauses.
  • Final review of contract terms, review and signature of contract.


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