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British Academy of Training offers you a description card for this
training bag, through which we seek to provide a training service in
accordance with the training standards of the beneficiaries and
categories of the beneficiaries of this training program and hope to see
the full specifications and study the extent to meet your training
needs and coordination with us if you wish to apply for this training
program Or participation in it, working as a team represents an
important skill and is one of the elements of success, and requires the
focus and clarity, codification and objectivity and avoid individuality
and communication because we constantly need to work together.

training program offered to you aims to develop and solve the problems
facing the teamwork. This is done by testing the problem, planning the
treatment, studying the problem and discussing the group.

skills of success in the work include the skills of dealing and
communication with others, the establishment of good human relations,
and the ability to work as part of a team, this ability that is urgently
needed to meet the requirements of the world of work. Cooperation
between people (individuals and groups) and work with them, , Whether
direct or indirect communication skills are used, and the degree of
quality of impact on the individual in the team work varies according to
the different attitudes, knowledge and experience.
There are commissioners to reach one specific agreement and there is no permanent agreement or difference.

What Will I Learn?

  • First: Collective Work Dynamics:
  • II. Characteristics of members of the effective community :
  • Third: To identify and clarify the strengths of the team and the various role options.
  • Fourth: motivate the team
  • Fifth: Managing and strengthening the high performance team.
  • Sixth: Global changes created empowerment Empowerment: -
  • Seventh: Management of Empowerment and Effective Stimulus Strategies:
  • Eighth: How to win human nature in your class:


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