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The HR
course is designed to provide trainees with the most advanced topics in the
field of human resources to include: the development of the human resources
management profession, the human resource functions, the role and strategies of
human resources, in addition to the most important principles and methods of
planning and designing organizational structure, talent management, manpower
planning Employment management, succession planning and management, employee
management and development, benefit and compensation management, performance
management, human resources policies and procedures, and staff integration

What Will I Learn?

  • Introducing trainees to topics, functions and advanced tasks of human resources.
  • Professionalize the field of human resources as well as communicate with field experts and assist in job search.
  • Add a competitive advantage to the organizations with their accredited employees as well as to ensure that customers are trusted by their credibility.
  • To provide participants with practical experience and scientific knowledge to work in the field of human resources management in different business sectors.
  • Develop a variety of strategies to help the organization meet current and future staffing needs.
  • Acquire specialized knowledge and skills in the recruitment and acquisition of talented employees.
  • Management and succession planning, management and development of employees as well as management of benefits and compensation.


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