Training Package In Advanced human resources management – Matrial Drive


The aim of this course is to highlight the growing importance of the
concept of human resource management and its various activities,
especially in the current turbulent economic situation.
The course provides a practical explanation of key concepts and frameworks for human resource management and management.
Participants will familiarize themselves with the structure and
function of human resources, and their working group, including their
It will also address the value development chain in human resources.

What Will I Learn?

  • Gain real and distinctive skills in studying and analyzing human resource capabilities
  • The logical analysis of human resource capabilities and how to effectively exploit them to achieve the objectives of the organization
  • Moving the human resource management in your workplace to work with an advanced thinking based on the analysis, development and development of manpower capabilities.
  • Analysis of the strategic role of manpower and methods of human resources development to achieve the objectives of the organization.
  • Develop effective strategies for linking human resource development and achieving tangible results in improving the performance of the organization as a whole.
  • Analyzing the capacity of human resources development activities to improve organizational performance.
  • Develop and propose solutions to address gaps and shortcomings of human resource capabilities by studying and applying theoretical frameworks and practical applications
  • Apply skills acquired during the program in building and developing human resources capacities to achieve the objectives of the organization

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