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sales process is a dynamic interaction between a professional salesperson and a
customer. The main objectives of sales personnel are to identify the needs of
different customers and to determine how and how to help these customers to
meet those needs

It is
not easy to be successful in sales, so the advanced sales skills course aims to
provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify them to
be successful and professional in the sales field and use these skills and
adapt them in any position so that the course is designed to be interactive and
fun filled with tips and techniques Which can be used immediately

What Will I Learn?

  • The course aims to enable trainees to achieve the objectives of their marketing and sales activities as well as to maintain their target audience and customers.
  • Understand the reasons why people buy and how they choose suppliers.
  • Understand the principles of selling and practicing basic selling and marketing skills.
  • To educate participants about the importance of body language and its impact on the sales process as well as understanding the importance of the first impression left by the seller to the customer.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create customer interest by using the senses of hearing, sight and touch.
  • Learn how to handle customer questions and how to deal with their concerns as well as their bookings.
  • Learn how to close the sale process and how to build good and long-term relationships with customers.


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