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This sales cycle enhances core competencies at both the career and personal levels. The main purpose of this course is to develop sales staff performance by focusing on sales skills, communication and adaptation to different sales patterns that meet customer requirements, to reach the best digital selling practices to increase the number of potential customers and raise transaction conversion rates. The course also focuses on enabling salespeople to progress from short-term to short-term selling, which will transform the sales relationship into a business partnership that focuses on collaboration and obtain exciting, long-term and measurable sales results.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify strategic and operational requirements for changing sales function and enhance knowledge and skills required
  • Master the process of selling the consultant to manage the customer purchase process based on understanding different selling methods
  • Develop sales plans and use different forecasting models to better handle internal and external customers
  • Develop marketing initiatives to attract and retain the best customers
  • Use digital sales to increase potential customers, raise conversion rates, and use technology to develop and engage accounts
  • Selling Advisory
  • Sell ​​Digital


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